Thank you for visiting my virtual home. I’m just a quiet guy of little significance, with a box of seminary courses and a desire to master the Word of God. Now and then I’ll have a thought that might be worth sharing with others, which is why this website exists. I am an apologist at heart, and that heart breaks over the state of the church today. I grew up in a theologically liberal environment where Christ was not preached, and I’ve seen first-hand the devastating impact that apathy and ignorance of the Scriptures has had on evangelicalism. My educational background is in philosophy and biblical studies, with an emphasis in biblical interpretation and systematic theology. My hope and prayer is that God might use this space to encourage others to plunge more deeply into the depths of His Word. I’m trying to do better about posting more regularly than I have in the past, so hop on over to the blog and check out what’s new. Comments and discussion are always appreciated.

Three Pillars

I have a habit of writing obscenely long explanations of my view on things. So enjoy a brief summary.

Divine Sovereignty

God is the Creator, the Ruler, and the active Governor of all things. Nothing happens without His direction or permission.

Human Depravity

Men are born dead in sin, unable to turn to Christ by their own power. There is no righteousness in us.

Christ's Sufficiency

In Christ alone a solution to this problem is found. Jesus' sinless life and sacrificial death accomplished and effected salvation in full.

Rules of Engagement

It's a shame that I should have to say anything at all about proper commenting etiquette, but if Facebook has taught me anything it is that theological disagreements can bring out the ugliness in people, especially when you are protected behind the anonymity of a computer screen. Commenting on blog posts is a privilege, not a right. Abuse that privilege and you'll lose it. I don't like to make a habit of moderating comments. I want to encourage discussion, not scare it off. You are welcome to disagree with anything I say and I am not interested in policing conversations. But you must be polite, thoughtful and respectful, no matter how passionately you may disagree with me or anyone else who comments. You may not comment on my posts with foul language, rude remarks, or unnecessary rhetoric. You will be respectful toward others and seek to the best of your ability to acknowledge and accurately represent their views. I don't perceive this being a problem with most people, but it helps to be reminded.